Thursday, January 13, 2011


Martha Stewart Blogs a Trip to the ER

Oh my goodness, Martha. Katie Baker alerted us to this brilliant 34-image narrated slideshow of Martha Stewart's recent visit to an ER for a split lip, published today on Martha's blog. It was best to rest quietly while waiting for Dr. Nolan to arrive from his home in nearby Pound Ridge. The time was 8:59PM.

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ability to art direct while under (local) anesthesia, sign of a true professional. i'm especially impressed with the furrowed brow in slides 18-21.

little dead riding hood

She looks dead in #26 :/


"Every hospital room has a biohazard receptacle." Points for comprehensiveness of the slideshow.


Do you think Francesca was getting back at Martha for the time she made both Francesca AND Sharkey wear scarves knitted from yarn made from her dead Chow Chow's dog fur? (I think his name was Paw Paw.) Anyway, I bet that was it. Though she could have done something else crazy more recently.


"The ceiling border in the little patient room could use some updating, don't you think?" OH MARTHA.

I really like that she took the time out to talk about the biohazard bins and other "disposal apparatus." I would have never known they had them in hospitals. You are my savior, Ms. Stewart.


It's amazing what Martha is willing to talk/blog about. I was at a talk recently where she spoke openly about her time in prison: http://www.makeitbetter.net/entertainment/whats-hot/3705-you-know-youre-martha-stewart-when

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