Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Karl Lagerfeld's Library

This is Karl Lagerfeld's library at his studio in Paris. The Chanel designer is featured in interiors blogger Todd Selby's first book, The Selby Is in Your Place. The sofas alone! [Via]

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I still remember the first helipad-sized coffee table I ever saw, in a SoHo loft. For the person who can afford a live-in croupier!

krugmanic depressive

Needs moar verticality.


I've always wanted some kind of an indoor balcony/walkway. It looks so fun!


I have a thing for ladies gardening in cotton dresses!

Liz Colville

I love the Selby! Even the successful but frowny Brooklynites holding their cats!


They make me feel inadequate. Why is my place such shit hole full of dog hair and skin and why can I barely fill a small bookshelf with paperbacks and why do I have to store giant pots on top of the fridge? Anyways….
No Selby, you can't come in today.

Liz Colville



(she's hypoallergenic)


I'd like to impress upon Karl the need for a Chanel branded Kik-step.


The way all the books are sideways is freaking me out, like, has the universe turned perpendicular? Are they little creatures with wide mouths that are going to eat me? Agh.

dave bry

You're right. No human being would stack books like this.

Allison Davis

Has Karl Lagerfield been reading my diary? Because this is exactly how I want my library in Paris to look like, right down to the spiral staircase and movie set lights! It's not fair. Karl Lagerfield ALWAYS does everything first.


Definitely earns its spot among the internet/tumblr's "library porn" stash.


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