Friday, January 28, 2011


How to Make Dark Chocolate as a Snack

"Recipe Tools: Print Recipe."

Previously: How to Make Ice, and Late Night Bacon. Soon we can make a book!


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Patrick M

Variations: Milk chocolate as a snack


This rivals Late Night Bacon (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/rachael-ray/late-night-bacon-recipe/index.html) for true culinary genius.


You guyyyyyyyyyyyyyys to be fair this sounds DELICIOUS.


For "Dark Chocolate as Dinner," just quadruple the recipe!


How is the Candy Snack Cake at all similar? It has 10x the ingredients and requires actual effort. I'll stick to my Tub of Frosting as a snack, thank you very much.

Jolie Kerr

Shooooooooot. I saw great "How To Boil Water" instructions recently and now I cannot for the life of me recall where but why oh why did I not immediately send it to Edith upon discovery? WHY-EEEEEEEEEE???


I've got an excellent Glass of Club Soda recipe. E-mail me.


@jolie: If it was written by MFK Fisher, it is a good one.


ContainsHotLiquid was born to make this comment.


I've been keeping it on the back burner.


Also, "At this point, full of sound and fury, it is ready to be used." Sound and fury! This is the second time in a month I've been admonished to cook with still-madly boiling water. I never knew!


I found a great recipe for cheddar popcorn on the food network. It was: make some popcorn, sprinkle powdered cheese topping on popcorn. I just don't know what powdered cheese topping is.


If it's a Sandra Lee recipe, it's undoubtedly the contents of the cheese packet in Kraft Mac & Cheese. She uses that in a few recipes.


But! How do I get the chocolate insiiiiiide me???


Funny, this doesn't look like a Long Island bar....


Probably the only Ellie Krieger recipe that doesn't taste terrible.


Rachel Ray really takes the cake with her "Pineapple Wedges Recipe"


This might be a little high brow to add to the "I've Got a Large Piece of Metal Lodged in my Brain, But I Still Want to Cook!" book, but maybe you could include it in the next French Laundry roundup:


Disclaimer: Please use a dull knife if you plan to attempt this without proper culinary training. Duh! Winning!

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