Thursday, January 13, 2011


Gucci Mane Tattooed an Ice Cream Cone Onto His Face

Pretty! And it matches his chain. But what can he eventually turn this into, the way Game metamorphosed his facial butterfly into an LA Dodgers logo, not that he ever should or would? Maybe a big-bosomed Mother Hubbard, or a praying mantis turning to look at the viewer.


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Are you saying that he will eventually regret this phallic symbol being tatooed to the side of his face?


Not near as much as the Dippn' Stix on his but.


You can call me a fuddy duddy, but I associate "tattoo on the face" with "not planning on living very long."


It says BRR on the cone. That's awesome.


This is why I love him.


I assume, based on the lightning, he'll turn it into the upraised fist of Zeus, preparing to smite the viewer.


The lightning bolts confuse me completely. "Um, hello, Baskin Robbins guy? Can I exchange this cone for one with, um, a little less static electricity?"


His mane is Gucci, but his face is pure Blue Bunny.


isn't there a less painful way to broach the subject of face licking?

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