Friday, January 28, 2011


Feeling Like a Ballerina, Huh, With These Saddlebags, Right? Go

You get a little out of breath doing that, but that's what ballerinas do for these thin thighs.


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I think there's something going on between her and the wall.

Bonnie Downing

She's just hating herself pretty.

Katie Walsh

If Katherine Chloe Cahoon drank more.


She does not have particularly thin thighs?


??? Who are you and what have you done with cherri?


I wish this video taught me how to disappear and reappear somewhere else in the blink of an eye!!! (Truthfully though, I AM trying to get rid of my saddlebags... I would choose this over the disappearing/reappearing thing.)


Oh god, she's still around! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LnESWPXGf8

Audrey Mark

Oh god. The interviewee--English honors from Vassar, MFA Columbia, no doubt--looks as though she wants to cry.

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