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Do You Wear Underwear Under Leggings and Tights?

I know, I know: leggings are not pants and tights are not pants. But are they underpants?

Last year I was walking with some friends when I said, “Hold on, I need to adjust my underwear,” and then reached into my leggings to do just that.  (It was dark, and on a quiet block, I swear.)

“Why are you wearing underwear?” a friend asked.

“Um...” I said.
”I never, ever wear underwear under tights,” said another.
“But these are leggings. I wear underwear under pants, and these are...”
“Not pants,” a friend finished for me.
“Neither of you wear anything under leggings, or tights?” I asked.
They shook their heads. “Never have.”

So I stopped. Just to see. It felt odd, yet freeing. Comfortable yet naughty. It mostly just feels strange to get dressed and put on a bra but no underwear. And I wear bras 99.6% of the time.

What about you? Always...sometimes... never... depending on...? This only works if one wears long, tunic-type garments or dresses over the leggings, otherwise, there is show through during bending. And no one wants that. Probably not no one, but.

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I stopped wearing underwear under any type of pant a few years ago and haven't looked back. i thought it was a little weird at first too but i actually feel uncomfortable w any underwear now. for skirts and dresses i still wear it though.


@momo147 How often do you wash your pants?

Jennifer Coia

Depends. I actually don't wear leggings, which has a lot to do with the tree stump legs I have, because despite what some people think, not all looks are one size fits all. But I do wear tights from time to time and if they have a padded area, then no, no underwear, but if they don't then yes. And I agree, definitely weird to get dressed with just a bra and no underwear.

Bonnie Downing

ha: "padded area." I know what you mean but that sounded like a prosthetic enhancement underwear of some sort.


I was trying to not use the word crotch. But now I have. :-)

Jolie Kerr

ALWAYS. And with apologies to those of you who don't wear underpants under stockings, I have to say that there is something so horribly revolting to me about the sight of a pantyhose-smooshed vahina.


Know where pantyhose were invented? Flatbush!


Pantyhose themselves are revolting. WHO invented them? Some guy who doesn't like women, apparently. Thigh high stockings. Thigh high tights. I always buy the queen sized (even though I'm more on the too-thin side) because they stretch longer and don't pull themselves off, and it's the silicon on the inside of the wide lace bands that holds them up, not the elastic. Don't get the thin-topped ones, you'll have an interesting line on each leg that looks (and feels!) just like you put a big rubber band around each thigh.

Jolie Kerr

I actually like pantyhose! I know! But I have reasons! 1. I like how pantyhose look on a woman's legs and 2. I have a bit of a tummy and am always thankful for pantyhose that nip things in.


I want to know where you get these thigh-highs. They sound not only practical but also sexy. Recs! Links! Go!


Seriously? Like, anywhere from Wal-Mart to Dillards. Just look at the photo on the package and make sure they're lace-topped. American Apparel has some good ones, too, if you like to shop online (I do, I do!). Or, http://www.boscovs.com/StoreFrontWeb/Product.bos?rch=Y&quantity=1&itemNumber=12594


@cjsinner : sockdreams.com

You're welcome.



@OxfordComma thank you for this! Great site.


Even under my Easter dresses as a 6 year old I wore underwear under my leggings. I know this because there are pictures of my "fanny" hiding under and behind that year's easter dress, leggings and underwear, respectively.

Tom Blunt

Casual eye on the street says that tons of girls don't wear underwear under their leggings, and that most of them have not recalibrated their body dysmorphia to correctly account for the visibility of their smoosh.

No, it doesn't matter if the leggings are black. Black leggings are not a magical cloak of invisibility for your pudendum.


More people need to take smoosh visibility into account when considering their outfits.


Don't mothers say to always do so, to avoid yeast infections? Only optional with thigh-highs!


Yes, yeast infections! I was wondering if I was the only one who worries about these kinds of things in advance. Cotton underpants against that particular region, girls... this can not be over-stated enough!


Yeah, the sweat and smell issues alone would put me off going commando under leggings or tights. I am sure this portrays me as very sweaty and smelly, and I don't think this is the case, but I still don't feel I should take chances.


@mellamaphone Yeah, I've tried wearing tights without underwear twice and both times I got a yeast infection. So underwear always for me.


Good grief, I was just wondering about this – I ran out of panties on Friday and couldn't do laundry until today. So for the first time ever I wore tights without underwear. It feels weird. I'm gonna stick with the layers.


It has never even occurred to me NOT to wear underwear under leggings (the cloth kind, aka the only kind I own).

I don't really wear tights, but I guess I would wear underwear then too?

When I was in ballet as a child I would viciously fight my mother NOT to wear underwear under tights, however, because you could see them from under my leotard.


NO ONE taking ballet wears underwear under their tights unless they're six years old or have lost the battle with their mom.

Better to Eat You With

I lost this battle with my mom, too, but was terrible at ballet, so it was a short-lived humiliation.

Jane Marie

skirts, dresses, booty shorts and sexytimes only for me.

Bonnie Downing

Waaiiitttt, these are times you DO or DON'T wear underwear? Or do you mean you wear leggings at those times. In which case, yeah...uh... sexy...

Jane Marie

hahaha i DO wear it with those items. DO, bonnie.


Also, ladies, DO check your leggings in direct sunlight. The stretched-to-semi-sheer is a bad look, arguably worse over an underwear silhouette than a plain bum, and exponentially worse over light underwear!


Always. Tights and leggings may not be pants, but they aren't underwear! The thought grosses me out, honestly. But I guess if you've grown up doing so, it's normal.


I always wear underwear under leggings and tights. I think it's a security thing. Clothing that thin makes me feel as thought I need layers.


I do, but that's because I'm too lazy to wash pants, leggings, tights, whatevs every time I wear them.

down the rabbit hole

Yes, yes, yes. I wear underwear under tights and leggings. It has never really occurred to me to do otherwise. I hate having to wash my tights and leggings, and seeing as they are more fragile (and/or need hand washing for some tights) and also more expensive than underwear to replace, I don't plan to ever stop wearing underwear under tights and leggings.

Tom Blunt

Also I am sad to see that the "tights are not pants!" mantra that was chanted at early tights-as-pants adopters has now been twisted around and appropriated as a slogan of downstairs lawlessness.


um always! yech, smooshed pudendum indeed. the only time i don't is when i take dance classes and i'm wearing a leotard and tights. but if i'm using dance shorts or leggings? def underpants too. probably a thong, but that's better than the alternative. those leggings are NEVER completely opaque, people! come on!


I am in a play right now and at our first dance rehearsal, one of the other girls turns to me and says she hopes we don't have to try on costumes because "You know how you don't wear underwear with yoga pants?"
I didn't know. And I spent the rest of rehearsal wondering why!
I had no idea it was a "thing" to not wear undies under any type of spandex-like leg clothing garment.


I always wear underwear under my yoga pants. Need that reassurance, panty lines be damned.


Well, that does explain why some of the women at my gym never seem to have panty lines.


Yeah, I feel like perhaps I'm realizing more than I wanted to about my female fellow travelers in this thread. Heh. :)


If I'm leaving the house and not in a bathing suit, I'm wearing underwear. That's pretty much all there is to it.

Jolie Kerr

Ditto. I also don't care to sleep without them on, much to the chagrin of every boyfriend ever. I JUST FEEL BETTER IN A PAIR OF UNDERPANTS, OKAY???


Yes, sleeping without panties on is just feels unnatural.

Bonnie Downing

haa When my sister and her best friend were dressing for prom, the friend complained that no matter what underwear she tried it showed a line through her dress. My sister suggested she just skip it and her friend sort of froze, murmuring, "But....it's always....just been there."


Oh thank god other people insist on sleep-underpants; the mens always think I am crazy and unreasonable! I will get out of bed and put them back on if necessary.

Jolie Kerr

OMG ME TOO ME TOO! God, I am really so happy this site is a thing.

Whitney Elizabeth Walton@facebook

@Jolie Kerr I stopped wearing underwear to bed a few years ago and never looked back. When I'm on my period and have to wear panties to bed it drives me so crazy I almost can't fall asleep! Most of the time I wear underwear during the day under my clothes but when I get home - FREEDOM! Of course, I also live alone so according the NYT, this probably makes me about one step above a crazy-cat-lady-hoarder.


Underwear always, under tights, leggings, pajamas, even long johns. I own so many pairs of underwear I can't even fathom running out, I mean, really? Run out of panties?? That makes no sense to me.

And I'm curious about the non underwear wearers, what about when you're OTR- do you stick a pad right to your jeans? Or leggings? Do you wash your jeans after each wearing? Often I wear my jeans 5 days before they hit the laundry basket...


I wear my jeans _at least_ 5 days before they hit the laundry. Doesn't everyone?


@mmwm: DADT

Bonnie Downing

Only 5?

I wash jeans when I need the ass to shrink back up. So it depends on the pair of jeans. The quicker they sag, the more they get cleaned.


non underwear wearer: tampons so the pad isnt an issue and i guess its kinda gross but no i dont wash my jeans after every wearing *shrugs*


tights i would wash after wearing once w/o underwear however!


@CJane I'm in an underwear-wearing phase, but for a long time I didn't wear them. I use tampons so the pad thing wasn't an issue, but I would sometimes wear underwear in the day or two before my period, just in case. This was not a solution unique to me; once I had a fellow non-underwear-wearing friend say, "Man, I wish my period would just start so I could stop wearing underwear!"

Arthur Bhutic

@EternalFootwoman I love by you're period. It's lovely to want to cry wearing underwear by you're period. Which I love by you're period, is that I love too see the waistband of your underwear and you see the waistband of mhy underwear.

Lily Rowan

Definitely underwear under tights, so I can wear them more than once before washing. Ditto pants, obviously.

Hero of the Beach

This seems like a good place to warn that athletic tights become somewhat translucent when stretched (from, say, bending over). Be aware of this, because all the dudes behind you at the gym are. Underwear is a good solution.


Sorry, but I feel absolutely every single member of society should wear underwear regardless of the outer garment.
Except in ONE and ONLY one circumstance:
You are me.
Commando is the way to go… but laundry becomes as regular a hygienic necessity as brushing ones teeth.
When I wear tights it's usually because I'm dressed as a lady. And a proper lady, never wanting Visible Panty Lines, wears no nickers beneath her tights. But a lady who is a man not only has to worry about panty lines, (s)he has to worry about Penile lines. A bit of duct tape wrapped from front waist band of H(er)/(is) pantyhose to back will not only keep everything smooshed appropriately, there's no see through, no shadow, and sadly, no air.
I do, though, like the occasional high-noon street-side cooz shot from a strange lady bending over to retrieve her fallen Marlboro Light 100. I usually reciprocate and show my appreciation for her pantiless tights predilection by flashing my guiche and blowing a kiss.

Bonnie Downing

So its settled. I'll duct tape my leggings.


Hang on! I feel confused. We're not supposed to wear knickers ( or as I prefer to call them,"gruts")under stockings because of VPL? But don't stockings, by their very nature, have to have some other item of clothing over the top of them anyway? How thick are your knickers, and how tightare your skirts/dresses/whatever else you might choose that you're having major issues with this? What is going on in your country?


If you cannot approach me from behind and say "How are you and those seven beauty marks on your Bum, today?" then my pants, leggings, spray paint, or what have you, are not tight enough.


All of my leggings have a seam in the crotch that I don't want snuggled to my nethers. All my tights are at least part artificial materials that don't breathe very well. Neither chafing nor yeast infections are tempting options, so I always wear underwear.


^^^ Srsly, this. The seam thing is a huge issue. Heck, I don't buy particular pairs of underpants if the seam looks problematic.


This has been a topic of distress throughout my life. I ALWAYS wear panties under tights. I just can't not. As a fat little kid, I had a really hard time keeping my tights where they were supposed to be, so I wore panties under AND ON TOP OF! my tights. I had a really horrifying experience as a small child in dance class when another, older little girl wore tights under her skirt with NO PANTIES and then proceeded to learn tumbling, showing her lady parts to the rest of us. I thought maybe the no-panties was the norm, but to this day I refuse to go without. I just… I just can't.


Have never worn leggings, no longer wear tights, but when I did, always wore underwear. Esp. necessary now nearing menopause, when something could ooze out at any time, yuck, tmi!


This is sort of on topic...as this was a discussion where I work recently. A co-worker's best friend is an OB/GYN, who gave her some advice that you should never wear underwear to bed as it's time for you to breathe and that breathing time contributes to healthier lady parts. :-) She noted that of her patients, Latino women come to her with the highest frequency of infections and "itching", most often caused by the culture's preference for very tight pants, while the healthiest population she sees is Indian women, as they don't wear underwear under their sari's. Just food for thought.


Now that I am validated by a doctor, I can get this off of my chest: aside from falling asleep on an occasional airplane, I have never slept in underwear in my entire life.


So, riddle me this, are you supposed to sleep in nothing at all or just not wear underwear under your PJ's? Because I'm wearing PJ's no matter what because I can't deal with the thought of something crawling up there and must have at least a little shield, although I prefer the one-two punch of pajama pants and panties. And I don't want my bare parts rubbing around on sheets covered in cat hair and the occasional bit of tracked in litter, thankyouverymuch.

Jennifer Coia

No underwear under your pjs. Just to give some time to "breathe" but shielded enough to not breathe in cat litter tracking. :-)


Well, duh, at night (ditto no socks --even on -15F nights like last night -- so toes can breathe and fungus can't get a toehold, get it -- but leaving the house, what with periods, ovulation ooze, gusts of air blowing in, etc.!, is another matter.


Always! What, I'm going to WASH my leggings/tights after one use? Do I live in a fantasy penthouse that has a washer and dryer? I do not.

I go commando at night though. Basically my entire cotton non-thong day/commando nighttime routine is calibrated to prevent constant UTIs.

Bonnie Downing

Noooo I sure don't. But I do buy leggings at Strawberry. Where they cost $3.99, last for a couple years, and have a nice flat waistband. So I own many many pairs.


There are so many weird misconceptions about the Magical Power of Underwear in this thread! It's really not that important.

For the person who asked about going commando when you're OTR, I bet if you think about it you'll come up with the answer. If not, they're just to the right of the Kotex in the drugstore.

For everyone who says yes of course they wear underwear so they can wear their jeans more than once, I offer the startling news that you can do that without underwear too. We're just not that dirty, ladies! And your pants aren't all pressed up into your secrete-y parts like panties are. Except for leggings. Those you wash after you've worn them once. Because they are a long-legged form of underwear, and not pants.

For those who worry that someone will see their junk through their leggings or tights if they don't wear underwear, I'm just baffled. It's not OK if people see your underwear in the street either! Why is it OK for people to dimly see your junk through one kind of undergarment but not another? You need to learn to bend over to tie your shoes without peepshows of any kind. Your grandmother was supposed to show you how when you were six, while looking disapprovingly at your mother for letting you grow up so wild.

The reason you're supposed to wear cotton panties to avoid yeast infections is because they breathe. If you immediately pull a skin-tight non-breathing material like pantyhose on over them, guess what? No more breathing.

I don't find underwear comfortable under pants, so I don't wear it most of the time. If you find it comfortable, you should wear it. But if you do so, don't imagine it turns you into some magically wardrobe-malfunction-resistant yeast-infection-free anti-voyeurism machine who can who get away with biannual laundromat trips.


Exactly! Love this.
I wear underwear when it is necessary and/or more comfortable. I wear pantyhose frequently (I love what they do for me, and can hear my grandmother and mother's shock at the idea of wearing a skirt without them), and most of my pantyhose do not, in my mind, require underwear.
But it's brand to brand for me w/r/t tights. I do not wear leggings, that's not how I'm built (and leggings are NOT PANTS). No one should ever see your lady parts or underthings! If they can, you're doing something wrong!
commando at night with my PJs. My husband found this weird at first, but now he likes it.

Bonnie Downing

Thank you, professor. That was fantastic. I feel like you need to go from post to post and sort us all out. From now on I will defer to your every pronouncement.
ha: "weird misconceptions about the Magical Power of Underwear"

Just realized my response might sound deeply sarcastic, but it is sincere!


Not everyone can wear tampons!


@professordarkheart Unless you're wearing some really baggy pants, you are producing vaginal discharge onto your pants and then putting them back up against your nethers. This is an excellent way to smell weird and to give yourself an infection.


I will stop wearing underpants when A. my fear of my leggings or tights being sucked into an escalator or lost via some other ridiculous, slapsticky situation ceases, or B. when my vagina stops horking up ladybit snot.

Oh, and hear hear to Megoon. I like to wear my leggings more than once if they are still presentable.


Oh gee, you phrased that approx. one million times more grossly than I would have but I have the same concern: what about sexy fantasy time when you're waiting for class to start (or whatever), those times you're stuck in line behind an attractive guy in tight jeans, etc.? It's like daaamn ladies do you never get wet or just not care or...?


Yes, agreed. For the non-underwear wearing ladies, don't umm "things" or "stuff" occasionally come out of your vagina?


@Agnata Ok, seriously. Reading this whole thread, my one thought was "vaginal discharge? anyone else??" I am ROUTINELY damp enough that I need to wear a pantyliner pretty much daily, or have icky undies by the end of the day. Apparently this is normal... but then discussion topics like this come along and I feel like a weirdo. :-/


@Aphrodite Not a werido. I was weirded out buy the previous comments. How do they avoid the lady-bits snot?


I rarely wear underwear underneath my leggings. I abhor VPLs, and am usually wearing a closer fitting tunic or skirt of thin fabric with leggings.

I'd like to rant here though about the seams in the crotches of ladies' yoga/workout pants. WHY THE FUCK do they ever even consider a seam right up the middle of the crotch? Instant camel toe, no matter what. Especially since I don't wear underwear with my yoga pants because of the whole panty line issue, now I have to wear long shirts to cover up my raging, bulging groin. Maybe they would transfer the padded bra fabric to the crotches of ladies' athletic wear.

Side note: I don't think I've typed the word "crotch" more than I have here, today.


I never wear underwear with yoga pants and I never wear yoga pants that don't have a gusset. Old Navy wins the "cheap yoga pants with gusset" race.

Bonnie Downing

Oh my god, that is another lingerie-rant of mine. Why do so many panties (apologies to the people who hate that word) have seams in the middle? Connect the fabric the other way! Horizontaly? Put the seam where I do not have a seam, please.


I nearly did a spit-take over the phrase "raging, bulging groin" just now. Well-played, madam.


Oh yes, and if panty lines are a concern, I have tiny thongs. I find that without panties, the seam will not stop until it has reached its natural (and uncomfortable!) cameltoe position.


I am a prude so my answer is, "DEAR GOD, OF COURSE I DO! WHAT ARE YOU, SOME KIND OF HIPPIE?!?!"

I guess I kind of see the reasoning with tights, but not leggings. If you're a commando kind of girl in general, then that's cool. But the argument that "leggings aren't pants!" when you are wearing them AS pants is kind of... stupid... haha

At least say your reasoning is, "Because it feels SPLENDID!"


Yes, but to those arguing "leggings aren't pants!" the idea of leggings being worn as pants is abhorrent.

Bonnie Downing

But please keep in mind, I always have something long over my leggings, often several layers: like long tank, sweater-tunic, what-have-you. So it is never that there is only one thing lycra layer on my ass.


Also, I'd like to note that I think The Hairpin is baring all of my secrets and peering into my innermost thoughts. I traveled all day yesterday with greasy hair, leggings with no underwear, and an unnecessarily padded bra for my big jugs. GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

Allie Pape

But it's so nice in there!

anna to the infinite power

I don't think I ever did this until I bought a pair of Spanx that specifically highlighted the "cotton gusset, removes the need for underwear." I don't do it all the time b/c I find I can get more wear between washings out of tights/leggings if I supply my own gusset via panties worn underneath. Finally delurking because, Gawd, this is like the tenth time you've done an article about some inconsequential thing I have thought about at length. Way to get inside my head, ladies.

Bonnie Downing

The inconsequential is sort of my beat. Who was it who said Always Major In Minor Things? Something like that....


I had a classmate in grad school who was very vocal about her no-underwear wearing ways. She cheerfully conceeded that perhaps this choice meant she had to wash her jeans "more often." She was the most foul-smelling person I have ever had to sit next to on a regular basis.
And anyone who is doing this and thinks it's okay, it's not. You're the person who leaves the damp, crotch-shaped spot on the vinyl chairs in dentists' waiting rooms and the seats on the train.


doesn't this all come down to the function you think underwear serves? to me, underwear is the thing you change every single day, possibly twice on some days, which makes it more okay to wear other, outer things more than once. as somebody with a vagina, wearing nice breathable underpants keeps my reproductive system happy. i could give a shit about VPL. it's like people who get in the bathroom stall next to yours and try not to sound like they're peeing. isn't it weird to go in the bathroom stall, pull down your pants, and just sit there? i don't care if people see a panty line on me because i don't care if they know that i actually wear underpants. my underpants are cute and functional and nothing to be ashamed of.


You go, gurrrrl!

Bonnie Downing

Yeah, I don't care about the line either. And despite what I wrote above about jeans, I would like to clarify that I do not, not, not ever re-wear leggings or tights in this scenario...

fits and starts

YEESSSSSSS. I've never understood the obsessive fear of visible panty line, either - why (oh god WHYY) is this a concern? Why do we need to fool the world into thinking that we don't wear underpants? Is wearing underpants some horrible, shameful thing? Thank you, Hairpin and karrren, for validating my irrational rage over this issue.


I almost never wear underwear out and about. I happen to be Snookie shaped, except more so, meaning I'm short and stout. I've never owned a comfortable pair of underwear that didn't go all the way up to my tits. Which is a great look, by the way. There was an incident in high school involving granny panties, ill-fitting jeans and a t-shirt that rode up to reveal that it was faded pink and blue turtles all the way down — talk about uncomfortable.
There are exceptions, such as pants with intrusive crotch seams, high tide days and certain special occasions that warrant cute, uncomfortable fancy pants. Other than that, no thanks.


^ Best use of 'turtles all the way down' ever.

Bonnie Downing

"faded pink and blue turtles" !!

Jolie Kerr

I certainly hope Cho is reading this comment thread and sending out a hundred million emails to the advertising reps of underpant companies.

Tiffy Thompson

this whole thread has opened a pandora's box of opportunity in my mind. why was i wearing underwear under my underwear like a sucker? that ends. right now.

Bonnie Downing

That is exactly how I felt last year.


Underwear under leggings and tights?!? Absolutely not! But between leggings and tights? You better betcha!


this thread makes the internet worth all the aggravation it usually causes me.

Chrissy Pallas Cat

So here's the deal. When I'm wearing tights to work -- underwear is on. When I am wearing tights in any sort of non-business situation -- my Business is underwear-free.


Call me lazy and gross, but leggings and tights are subject to falling apart if washed too often. So I like to re-wear. And the only somewhat hygienic way to re-wear leggings twice before washing is to wear underwear.

I also feel weird not wearing underwear almost always, but that's kind of beside the point.


Panties are the best thing ever. They come off for sex and bathing suit time but once that is over we are reunited in happiness again.

Tina Steele Wiltzius

I always wear underwear under everything, just in case wherever I happen to be gets robbed and the robbers make everyone strip down to their underwear. I figure the experience would be traumatic enough without having to hang around, naked from the waist down, waiting to be rescued. I really don't want to have to negotiate with some criminal psychopaths to make an exception and let me keep my leggings on because I felt like panties underneath were redundant. No, I'm not kidding.


Lady, I am the wrong person to ask on this topic. Most of the time, I wear *two* pairs of underwear (bikini briefs under boyshorts).


Are you seriously going to just throw that out there without even hinting at why? This post is going to haunt me. (Padded bra for your ass?)

Bonnie Downing

Seconded. Please explain, I implore you. I am fascinated.


No way am I going out without knickers whatever I'm wearing on top. I'm with Ms Ladybit Snot all the way up there, and none of you commando fans actually seemed to answer her question...? In bed, though, I wear nothing at all unless I'm feeling poorly. My house is so riddled with cat hair and litter than a little matter of undies isn't going to keep it away.


Unders are important! There is nothing worse that nylon and/or denim crawling all up in your bits. Ouch. Also, in skirts, panties keep your bits warm. This is important. To me.


My mom goes commando under tights and I have always been vaguely uncomfortable with the concept. Then, a couple years ago, she broke her ankle and had to go to the ER. Obv, she had to ditch the hose so the doctor could examine her ankle, which meant skirt and no unders were like 3 feet from her orthopaedist's face. Ayyye! AND THAT, in the words of J Walter Weatherman, IS WHY YOU ALWAYS WEAR UNDERPANTS.


Always unders– it just feels better.

I found a boy who also believes judiciously in the bedtime wearing of underpants, previous activities be damned. We hand each other our unmentionables and sleep quite peacefully.

fits and starts

Me too. It's crazy how awash in communal good feeling and connected to the world at large I feel, just based on your comment regarding this small shared quirk.


I love this website with all my heart.

And, underwear, always.

Erin Morgan

I only wear underwear under skirts, shorts, and dresses. Otherwise, I never wear them and haven't for like 10 years. I am more comfortable that way. I don't wash my pants too often but I do wash my leggings and tights every couple of wears. I have never gotten a yeast infection and I never smell. City_Dater, I think that classmate of yours would probably smell bad even if she did wear underwear. I am confused, how much liquid are the underwear-loving girls' baginas secreting? I think mine secretes a normal amount and I don't ever come close to soaking through my pants or anything, if that is what you are implying?

Deleted By User

I have to ask, for those who re-wear tights more than one day before washing... does this also apply to socks? Because my reason for not doing so has less to do with the lady-bits aspect (I'm an underwear advocate when it comes to tights) and more to do with the sweaty feet aspect.

tea tray in the sky.

I always wear panties under tights, and if I'm wearing boots I'll wear ankle socks underneath them so I can rewear and not feel gross. It's also extra comfy that way.


Timely study on washing jeans: http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/01/19/not-washing-jeans-for-15-months-ok-healthwise-at-least-study/ Apparently it's OK to let them go for 15 months.

matilda wormwood

So the answer is: do what you want!

My best friend and I were relieved to discover that we both have to wear underwear. We both put out a good amount of discharge and need the panti-liner option. However, during periods, tampons make it possible to go commando. Isn't it ironic.

This is also why I can't imagine going to yoga w/o underwear. Sorry, girl behind me, get used to panty lines. We never USED to worry about them. I'm old enough (32) to remember when thongs left the strip club; they haven't always been the underwear-of-choice for ladies-of-Cosmo-reading-age. Personally, I avoid them and try for lace-edged hipsters instead. (which should be the name of a band.)


@jrm IT IS IRONIC AND ME TOO!!!! I am relieved to be reading your post! Apparently we are misfortunate. fortunately I discovered and really, really love these (http://www.always.com/flexistyle/always_flexistyle.jsp), because now I can wear thongs and not try to wear one of those annoying thong pantiliners that don't really stay put... seriously, I <3 this product.


NO. i stopped wearing underwear of any kind a year ago. i was extremely prone to yeast infections, some ladies have a genetic predisposition toward them including my female relatives and i, and after swearing off underwear for good, under leggings, pants, skirts, ANYTHING, i almost never get them. here's another secret: when i'm not wearing thigh highs, i remove the crotch from my nylons entirely. it's undetectable and it's so much more comfortable that i can't even describe how much happier i am. my few pairs of underwear for miniskirt days are cotton, and crotchless.

most doctors, including mine, will actually tell you it's best for women to go commando as often as they are comfortable. there is no reason for women to wear underwear, since we don't need "support" like men do sometimes. in fact panties through much of their historical existence have had an opening along the center for this reason and also to make peeing easier back in the good old days when everybody wore like sixteen layers of skirts err day. hot.


ps i would also like to add that the discharge issue actually improves when you get better ventilation, a lot of it evaporates naturally and comfortably. true fact.


@eemm Or it doesn't, and makes a sticky mess on the crotch of your tights/ the back of the inside of your skirt when you sit down. :( :( :( embarrassing to talk about.

Star Trek Forever

I was driving to eat Chinnese and I seen a beautiful thin blonde walking shes got her ipod going straped to her arm. She's wearing this spandex like half pants going just past her knees.What do you call those. But it was very tight spandex material you can see it went right up her but crack all the way up to her spot and you can see the sligtest jiggle in her but. Now is it a safe bet that she wasn't wearing any underwear I mean how else could I see all the way up her crack almost as if it was seperating her but from bieng tight on her. If she was wearing underwear I wouldnt have been able to see that right? The underwear would prevent the pants from going up there that far right? I just started wearing sweats and I decided hey peopel cant blame me for wearing size medium pants if my equipment hangs to the left you might as well blame a woman for wearing clothes that fit and having a vagina becuase it shows a triangle like spot there. My wife told me its natural your a guy. I agreed I have equipment it shows just as much on my pants just not used to wearing these fleece starter pants thier very comfortable.I do wear boxers just in case the split but I'd rather not. But I have that peace of mind if someone accuses me of not wearing underwear I can say Im wearing boxers thats what I wear I like freedom not regular underwear sitting in my own sweat all day gross!

this ship ain't mine

@Star Trek Forever is this real life?


I pretty much stopped wearing panties all-together when I was in college. I lived with a nudist and eventually started to follow her lead around our apartment. When going out, it just seemed far easier to throw on a dress and be done with it than to worry about things like bras and panties that no one would see anyway--I take care to keep myself well covered regardless of what I'm wearing (or not wearing). Yeah, perhaps there is some off-chance that someone will just happen to be looking in the right direction as I climb out of my SUV and they'll get a view I don't intend, but I think the chance of the Paparazzi ever finding an interest in my life is pretty slim, so I'm not worried about becoming the next star of Perez Hilton. And its nice, on a hot summer day, to not have a sweat-drenched piece of fabric, bound by a rubber band cinched around my waist, climbing up into places it shouldn't.

I can't go commando with jeans, though, at least not tight-fitting ones. Its just too rough on the sensitive areas. For the occasional times I wear jeans (which isn't often) I'll opt for a thong. And when aunt you-know-who comes to visit I pull out ther boyshorts. Other than that, no panties for me!

I generally go with the two-wear-then-wash rule for jeans. For tights and leggings, its usually one wear if I wear them all day, two tops if I just wear them for a low-impact, low-sweat workout, like yoga. But if they get sweaty, they go right in the wash.

When it comes to leggings, I usually wear something long over them except if I'm working out, when I sometimes break the rule (i.e. spandex shorts or leggings with just a sports bra). For all of my leggings and other tight fitting pants I opt for the heavier, non-see-through, gusseted varieties. Sure at $50-70 a pop they aren't cheap, but they look a lot better and last a hell of a lot longer than the cheap ones, so it all works out in the long run.

Of course, whenever I can get away with it, I'm nude. And nude people don't wear underwear.


I don't and I won't. For the very reason you discussed. I HATE WITH THE PASSION OF ONE THOUSAND JAMES CAVAZIELS having to adjust underwears/


Yet another reason why I love the Hairpin. <3

Underwears always! Except when sleeping. (NEKKID TIMES.) I just feel cleaner with underwear on, even under tights and leggings. However, I abhor panty lines, so I will usually wear a thong. I abhor thongs slightly less than I do panty lines.

Anchovy Cake

I wear underwear under everything. I did go through a commando phase in college when I was too busy/lazy/poor to do laundry or buy new undies. It was liberating and it started a movement for about 6 months amongst my friends.

Sarah Ellis@twitter

I wear underwear OVER my tights. I never thought of putting them under (that's why the gusset's there, right?) and I've found that they stay up better if I've got underwear on overtop to... hold the crotch up?
I just assumed that's how everyone did it....

No Need For sluts

yes all say if girl underwear less is totally slutty ! so guess less want be come to slut go for i recommend underwear guess care if start health issues no i would not go with out underwear ! don't recommend guess you are already slut !

Baberaham Lincoln

Two words: yeast infection.

Two more words: vaginal discharge.

Lisa Mart@facebook

Nope, I rarely wear leggings and hardly ever wear panties unless its my time of the month or I'm wearing jeans. Used to wear g-string panties but now I'm exclusively boy shorts when I wear any.


I never wear underwear under yoga pants due to discomfort (they're not moisture wicking like the pants) and VLP. If tights or leggings don't have a decent crotch then I will wear underwear or it feels overly breezy in cold weather. (Of course my ass is always covered by something like a skirt or tunic when I wear those, so there's no chance of exposure. I don't believe leggings are pants. They're long underwear.) I almost always wear underwear under jeans due to the denim rubbing the wrong way. I wear underwear under skirts when I go out but not around the house. Although I experience a fairly normal amount of discharge I don't have a problem with dripping through my pants because it evaporates pretty readily in the air if I'm not squishing my parts into panties (even cotton ones) and layers of other clothing. The only times I've gotten YI are when I HAVE been wearing a lot of tight clothes or underwear frequently. (And my underwear are almost exclusively cotton anyway, so I know that's not the problem.)

Now, as for washing I do that regularly. Anything that touches my bare crotch gets washed after one wearing. Sometimes I'll let a pair of jeans get two or three wearings before washing. But I wash more because of the grossness the clothes pick up from being out and about (sitting on public transit, etc.) than any other reason.

Arthur Bhutic

I love when you have you're period. It's lovely to want to cry wearing your panties to bed. Which I love that you wear your panties to bed, is that I love too sleep next to you in my boxer briefs and your panties rub onto my boxer briefs.


thongs!! I thought the issue of the pantyline is the only issue here. I have plenty of freakish friends that go commando but I'm not one to do my laundry THAT often.


How can you not wear underwear? @eemm: Discharge and moisture issues do not improve with better ventilation. Cotton panties wick moisture away from the skin. Without them, sweat and discharge sit in your folds and stagnate. I went through a stage where elastics would badly irritate my inner thighs so I started wearing loose shorts under my pants. That was the worst my crotch has ever smelled and I finally talked my mom into buying me high-cut panties and that solved the problem forever.


@Aphrodite Not a werido. I was weirded out buy the previous comments. How do they avoid the lady-bits snot?


I'm a man a yes I wear leggings but I wear them to the gym . Its my jockstrap my leggings & then my work out pants. For me I like to wear leggings because when I'm doing cardio I sweat a lot. But when wear leggings for long johns I go COMMANDO !!!!!


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when i wear leggings o tights i will usaually wear a thong but nine times out of ten i dont because it feels good

Randi Pearson@facebook

As a transsexual woman I've learned alot with this thread. So I've decided to wear cotton pantes with my new black leggings.


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