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The blog Fucked in Park Slope has this photographic evidence that catpacks—backpacks for cats, but do I even need to tell you this, LOOK—are real, especially so in Park Slope. Oh my god. And yet, look at that burly, happy kitty. I'm all for catpacks, I believe. Let those kitties out into the world! In a way that doesn't allow them to run away and forget about you and freeze in the snow and never come home due to pride/certainty that the snow will melt soon and great adventures can then be had without you, stupid feeder person.

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I'm guessing that's one TERRIFIED cat.



"I've been known to work on my computer with a cat resting on my chest in a personal carrier – a great bonding experience."

also please click on #3, the "pet pouch carrier." that photo is burned into my retinas.


Haha! But some serious kudos to anyone that can keep their cat in this position: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3261+16901+3377&pcatid=3377


One #3 and one angry cat = one personal protection device. (Or you know, should the cat turn around - one serious death trap.)


If it makes trips to the vet easier, I'm all for it. Cats are heavy! One handle on a carrier is not enough!


That looks like my old corner! (Not my old like, prostitute corner, the corner I used to live on) AHH I NEVER SAW PEOPLE WITH CAT PACKS THERE :(

Legs Battaglia

I saw a cat stroller in Prospect Park last week. Not a cat in a human stroller, a cat in a specially-designed-for-cats stroller.


Dude my cat is 20 lbs on a skinny day and the vet is a long walk from home (but not far enough away to justify taking the 20 lbs of howling misery on public transportation). I am down with the catpack.

Liz Colville

My cat is sooo fat and getting fatter!!! KITTY! I use a kind of duffle bag situation. For now. Once she passes the 12 LB threshold...


Less than 12 lbs? Is she some kind of bulimic, chain-smoking, cocaine-snorting super-model cat who represents an unobtainable ideal of beauty and body image that makes all the other cats feel fat and unattractive?

Bonnie Downing

name: Dander
weight: 18.5 lbs

So I win?


Beyond vet visits/pet sitter/practical applications, are there people out there who would use this to take their cat with them on mundane daily errands? My cat would be hella unimpressed if I decided to put her in a backpack and go grocery shopping.


Reading this, my immediate thought is "Oh my god how can that person get laid!" = then I look at myself, wearing ugly sweatpants, shoving pasta into my face with the ferocity of a lion, and watching a tv special on furries ... so maybe I should get a cat (and pack)


As the owner of a cat that will simultaneously piss, shit, and vomit all over himself within a five minute drive to the vet, I WANT THIS. That poor damn creature. I resent him.


I, too, am a member of the cat pack pack. I desperately want one for my plus-sized kitcat.

Ironika Leigh

i am - now not-so-proudly - a member of the cat pack pack (it rolls and has backpack straps. and rolling cat carrier? amazing - i'll take the dork points).

in my defense, i got it for sweet potato to go on a plane. i take him in ROLLIE to the pet store across the street, so he can get used to it.

he doesn't love being in ROLLIE out in the world, but spends a fair amount of time sleeping in it when i'm on the computer. (i leave it out and open for just this reason.)

i guess i'll stop rolling him with me on dates.


I live in Park Slope. I'd be thrilled to see more cat packs and less strollers. At least a cat pack doesn't take up 3/4 of the sidewalk or a store aisle.


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Wow that is so cool. I want that for my kitty ^_^

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