Tuesday, January 18, 2011


But What Does Breastmilk Cheese Taste Like?

Miriam Simun buys breastmilk online and then makes it into cheese. She recently made and fed three flavors of human cheese to a group of friends in New York, and this is my favorite of her tasting notes, for a blend called City Funk:

This cheese stinks. It really does. But pay no heed to its gamey scent; just savor the flavor! The human-goat blend – light on the goat, heavy on the human – is soft and spreadable, imparting a complex funk somewhere in between butter, yellow taxi cabs and wafting wavers of street cart smells. The sweet and heavy diet of the Manhattan mother (who's a little reserved, but curious for you to try her cheese) just peaks through, providing a deliciously dizzying sweet finish to this pudgy little wonder. Reminiscent of Gorgonzola, but with a New York City flavor all its own.

If you'd like to taste her next batch of human cheese, you can sign up here to be notified. Or perhaps this description was enough.

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Klee Brasserie in NYC was making breast milk cheese for a bit there when the chef's wife had a baby. I just think it would be really bland. I've had breast milk before and there really is not much of a taste to it. So I cannot imagine it would be very tasty without adding some more to it. And when reading this article, was I the only one reminded of the Portlandia skit about the chicken cult?


I would think 90% of any flavor is coming from the environment the cheese is cured in. My own cheese has a bit of a dirty ashtray, empty whiskey bottles and unwashed dog tang that lingers on the tongue.

Tom Blunt

The body makes so many substances -- the possibilities are endless!


As a nursing mom I must say, in all sincerity: Barf.

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