Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Barbie Sweet Talking Ken Doll Cannot Possibly Be Real, and Yet He Is

Barbie Sweet Talking Ken can record up to five seconds of audio and then play it back in a high-pitched, normal, or low-pitched voice, as demonstrated in the video above. What would you make BSTK say? "Oh wazzzupp, get my dick sucked, what are youuu doing?" and variations of that are the first, second, and third things I can think of, for whatever reason (I know the reason).

Among the reviews on Amazon, all of them five-star:

it might be a good idea to buy a second one, trust me you are going to want one for yourself... no matter the age!!!!!

... True.

Kids move over . . . every woman needs this Sweet Talking Ken. It's as simple as this . . . press down on his left pectoral muscle, hold and record, "Julia, you the hottest chick I know!" Then let go and just like MAGIC – Ken repeats it in his DEEP KEN VOICE!! He will tell you whatever you want to hear – or what your husband should be saying!! "I really appreciate everything you do Julia" "You are the best wife & mother in whole world Julia!" "No, your jeans don't make your butt look big honey!!" "To be honest with you Julia, I like my wife a little chunky!"

And so far there's only one drawback:

[O]n the back of the package Ken (Mattel) promises, "I'll say it over and over until you record again!" But I could not get that to happen. Unfortunately, Ken only repeats what I say one time only, and immediately after I say it. This is too bad, because think of what a cute way to (a) apologize or (b) propose

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Alexandra Martell

"press down on his left pectoral muscle"


I don't know that Ken could accurately talk about his dick getting sucked. Maybe "get my flap licked" or something. Poor Ken.

Edith Zimmerman

Get my flap licked.



If someone proposed to me via a talking Ken doll I don't know what I'd do, but it probably wouldn't be saying yes. Probably.


they need to have a corresponding Barbie, & women who suspect their boyfriends might use this method can pre-record "yes! of course I will!" & then carry it around at all times, just in case...


It puts the lotion on its skin.


Ken looks like Edward Cullen. What a coinky-dink!

El Knid

Two thoughts. 1) This model focus grouped much better than the not-as-sweet Barbie Talking Ken, or BTK, doll, which kept coming alive and strangling people in their sleep. 2) Ryan Gosling should buy a bunch of these, pre-record them with posts from Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling, and auction them off for charity on eBay.

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