Thursday, January 20, 2011


A Comprehensive Guide to Housecats

This here is but one little rectangular area of Joumana Medlej's "Guide to Housecat Coat Colors and Patterns," which is so big that you'll need, like, size A0 paper to print it out. "Although there basically exists only two colors in cats," Medlej explains, "their derivatives, added to a number of patterns can all combine, conspire to create a bewildering array of denominated coats." Indeed. Apparently, a tabbie mixed with a tortoiseshell is called a torbie. I believe this is the type of cat I have on my hands. Looking at this is almost stressful, as if it's a catalog of cats you could buy and you have to choose just one. Which would you choose? How would you choose? I like "Tortoiseshell smoke/Smoke tortie," even though it sounds a bit like a Finnish delicacy, as does "Broken mackerel." [Via]

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Presently holding at my failsafe with 3 cats. One of whom rides on my shoulder like a parrot.


I would like a guide for "How to Spot People With Housecats"


"Housecats" is my favorite word, and it has nothing to do with my fondness for cats themselves. Like "cellar door," it feels nice and heavy in the mouth. Housecats. Housecats.

Other Alice

I completely agree. I persist in calling my cat a housecat, even though I do let the little scamp go outside. It still works, right?


Thank you for providing me with a distraction that vaguely looks applicable to my day job.
I want a cinnamon tortie, because it sounds like a breakfast treat.


I look to The Hairpin for my daily cat news. I'm serious.

Liz Colville

GOOD! Because I look to cats to give my life meaning, so there will be a lot of "cats" tagging tk!

Other Alice

Q: Did you haul your cat in front of the computer to see what he is?

A: Yes.


I found this over the weekend and, since my cat will not allow me to pick her up, had to run back and forth between the bedroom and the living room to determine what color she is. I'm still torn between Calico caliby and chocolate caliby.

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