Thursday, December 23, 2010


What Are the Feminists Refusing to Discuss at Christmas Dinner This Year?

Previously: What Are the Feminists Pissed About Today?

Ann Friedman is a feminist. Sometimes, when she is drinking white zin at her parents' house in Iowa, she makes pie charts.

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Slava Sakhnenko

My motto is "Make pies, not pie charts!"

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

-whether or not you are changing your last name when you get married next year

- what, exactly, you are drinking

Caitlin Podiak

Here is a sentence that my dad said to me mere hours after I arrived home from the airport: "I don't understand what you mean when you talk about white privilege. I don't get any special privileges."


I love your dad! That's much less offensive than it could have been.

Caitlin Podiak

Yeah, the funny part is that I never actually brought up white privilege in the first place.


This actually happened: my dad was bitching about the lame perks for his level of frequent flyer, and I said he should tell me more about his #whitegirlproblems.

Marisa Sandahl

My impending divorce, and the fact that yes, I am seeing someone, because it makes me feel better.


-Why you don't have a boyfriend
–-->subdiscussion: Whether or not you are a lesbian.
—------>sub-subdiscussion: Whether or not the family will "love you anyway, we just want you to be happy, but we really hope you aren't a lesbian."

Add more wine, and repeat!




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