Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The $130 Doll That Gives Birth, With Placenta

At first I was startled by the MamAmor dolls, "handcrafted birthing and breastfeeding dolls" made by a doula and her four friends (if you're on the homepage, click the picture to see in full), but then they're just so soft and smiley, and why shouldn't kids know where babies come out of, and which sacs and tubes are attached to them when they do. (Although $130 is ... maybe a little unreasonable for something a child will probably ruin by violently yanking a baby into and out of repeatedly. OK, sorry, also, oh my god, for that.)

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Can it also take a dump?

Tuna Suprise

Call me when it can take a dump in the birth canal.


Breastfed babies don't dump, they kinda.......squirt.


i think explode is a more apt verb for it.


I think I need some kind of American Girl story line to justify $130. Also it needs more accessories. And where do you take the mama doll to get her hair done?


I agree with exactly everything you just said.


The snap closure baby mouth/nipple is both ingenious and appalling.


Does anyone else ever do that thing where they involuntarily come up with comical sound effects for something wildly inappropriate? Because "violently yanking a baby into and out of repeatedly" just made that happen.


I am totally not surprised that doll wears crocheted underpants. Also, I kind of wish they would have sprung for pink snaps. I mean, for all that attention to detail, that's what they skimped on?

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