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Shaving Things That Shouldn't Be Shaved

In a post titled "Do You Compromise Your Beliefs for Beauty?" an Allure blogger writes:

I hate to admit this: I'm an occasional arm shaver. I did it more in college than I do now, but it still gets my goat, because: A. I feel like it shouldn't be a thing and B. I'm not even exceptionally hairy. If I was, maybe I could make peace with this practice. So why do I still go back to a treatment I'm loathe to admit to? Because I like how it looks and feels.

As a human woman, I understand the appeal of dangerous beauty products — if something could give me perfect skin, I'd probably sacrifice 60 years of my life, plus all my children, plus all my money, plus everything, please, take whatever you want, just take it, take it, take it!!! — but also, what could feel WORSE than a stubbly arm? If your arms were exceptionally hairy or dark, I can see bleaching or waxing, but shaving? Eek. Reminds me of when I was 11 and a family member alerted me to the fact I had a unibrow, so I used a razor to shave an off-center chunk between my eyes.

So, that's the thing that I shaved that I wasn't supposed to shave. I also once used my mom's razor, which was just a raw razor blade on a metal stick (!?), and shaved in a WAY that I wasn't supposed to shave, and ended up filling the bathtub with blood. Which is all just a roundabout way of quietly hoping you'll share your misguided shaving stories? (I set this up perfectly, I think.)

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I shaved my arms for a bit in highschool because I have like... bald spots, and I felt awkward about them even though my arm hair is pretty light so you can't even really see. If you do it every day, there's no stubble, and it actually does feel really nice.


There was a time in junior high-ish where every girl took to shaving between their eyebrows, but what were we doing, the razor has a FIXED WIDTH, and great everyone now has meth eyebrows.


What about arm waxes? Arm threading? I just need some options because I, too, hate my arm hair, and I'm tall and I just feel like a man with arm hair, so, fix me please.


i used to wax my arms – it wasn't a big deal and probably expense is the biggest con. i would keep doing it but im just much, much lazier about hair removal than i used to be

Edith Zimmerman

Yeah, threading/waxing seem like the ways to go here.


I got one of those beard trimmers for like $20 on Amazon and I use it on the closest setting every week or so, except when I get lazy and use it less often (light-ish arm hair allows this.) No stubblies because you don't shave it off right at the skin, more like you give your arm a crew cut. If you have dark hair you might have to do it more often?

Diana Vilibert

I Nair. It's quick and easy and you don't have to do it as often as you would if you shaved, I imagine. I have pretty sensitive skin and very sturdy, aggressive, hairy Russian genes, and this works for me. I waxed once and my arms broke out and stayed that way for like three months. Never again.

Edith Zimmerman

Oh god. Yeah I sort of feel terror about this re: lip waxing. Like, WHAT IF it all goes horribly wrong?!


What hairless creature made the permanent fashion decision that all humans with hair will live a Sisyphus-ian hair removal existence. I blame fish. Probably also snakes.


When I was about 15, I suddenly got super self-conscious about my upper lip, so I smeared some sort of cheapo nuclear waste depilatory cream all over it until I couldn't handle the burning anymore. TA DA! Horribly blistered upper lip. I told everyone that as I'm allergic to metal I'd had a reaction to playing my trumpet for too long.

Bonnie Downing

When I was about 11 my best friend and I had a serious discussion about our future plans for body hair removal (we did this in every category, planning ahead for womanhood like, "we will definitely be the kind of ladies who ALWAYS wear 100% silk, matching sets of colorful underwear, etc.). So after discussing the options that we knew of we decided elegant ladies used Nair.
During my friend's dad's company picnic we seized our chance to sneak out of the park and go purchase Nair. Somehow in the short walk back we changed from thinking of the Nair as a sort of hope chest item for later in life, and began to view it as a substance that needed to be smeared on ASAP.
So… we umm…. went and found this little clearing in the woods with one picnic table… and applied Nair all over our legs. My leg hair was invisible, if present at all. Then we sat there in the woods for whatever the prescribed time, but we weren't wearing watches so we guessed. Then we wiped it off with napkins.
Oh my god the chemical burning! The instant, full-limb rashes! The despair!
We tried to wash it off it shallow pond water. Her parents talked about the smell all the way home in the car and we denied that we were the source.


I tried to Nair my upper lip years ago. Awful. It even took off a layer of skin in one place--not enough to bleed exactly but to be weird and pink and...kind of slightly ooze? *Shudder*


It's good to know that I am not the only one who planned for every contingency of womanhood with my friends.


@PBandJ actually - NAIR! seriously. this stuff brought back terrible memories for me (junior high... that burny hair smell.. so bad) but they've improved it so its much less death-y and this shit is magic.

but just for arms. use the spatula thing they sell with it. apply. do wierd arm-wavey dances and/or run around screaming "i'm an albatross! i'm an albatross" for 5 minutes. use the spatula to "shave" the cream off. shower.

magical. and it lasts for like, 4 weeks.


In eighth grade I wasn't allowed to shave my legs yet, but we were going on a class trip where I might be in a hot tub WITH BOYS (!!!) so I stole my mother's razor, and ended up removing a piece of skin with appx. dimensions of 2 inches by 1/2 inch off of my shin. So gross. I told her I scraped it on a bike pedal lol ):


I just got a little queasy reading that. But I've totally been there.


Same, but at my ankle bone. The scar remains to this day.


ugh i too have a huge scar on my ankle. it's about 3 inches long. damn the pink bic razors and my unsteady hands!


When I read the title of this post from Google Reader I thought it might be about the lion cats. http://www.buzzfeed.com/melismashable/50-cats-with-lion-haircuts
On the arm-shaving tip–I also tried it in middle school, and I liked it until the stubble showed up. I'm now 27 and I still think my arm hair might look a litttle less weird had I not shaved it. I swear some pieces still have that stubble, not regular hair look. A CAUTIONARY TALE

no way

the idea that shaving changes anything is a full on myth. for swim team boys and girls, ages 8-18, shaved down for championships each year. the girls were scared hair would grow back darker and the boys were scared it wouldn't grow back. it grows back just the same, except it may need to lighten up with the sun a bit after it first comes back.


Not shaving. But don't use pre-cut eyebrow waxing strips to wax your nose hair, you guys, unless you want your nostrils sealed shut for the rest of the afternoon.


Or the time in middle school you kept washing your face and you still couldn't get the dirt off the outside of upper lip and then you realized that faint dark spot wasn't dirt, but darker hair so you shaved it even though your mother told you just to leave it alone?

Yeah. That. Until you started tweezing it off because your hippie mom didn't wax anything so you had no idea there were alternatives.


Um, I shave the tops of my big toes? Each toe manages to produce 2 or 3 little blonde hairs and it makes me crazy to have hobbit feet, so I shave them.


But they sound so CUTE!?!

Katie Walsh

I shave the tops of my toes too. And I'm not even a crazy shave everything kind of person. At least yours are blonde! Mine are not so I look especially hobbit-like. This is all kind of moot since I'm really too lazy to shave a damn thing right now.


Why shave a foot that is going to be swathed in a LEAST one pair of socks and then stuffed into a boot all winter? I don't know, I just do it....


I shave my toes too - at least just the big ones. I feel better afterwards?


Me too, but only right before a pedicure. Because my toenails are horrifying enough for the poor nail tech.


Oh, seconded the hobbit foot thing, and I also have a couple sprouting out of the top of my foot. Why?? In middle school I shaved stripes into one eyebrow, because Ice, Ice Baby. That should never happen. I blame latchkeykiddom.


Yo, V.I.P. Let's kick it!


Oh, god. The first time I noticed that I had pubic hair, I got so freaked out that I borrowed my step mom's razor and dry shaved myself in my bedroom.

It's so horrifying, but what am I supposed to do? NOT tell the story on the Internet?!


Wait, why am I not supposed to shave my arms? It's a dark cold winter, and I can't even see my legs through layers of socks and trousers and thermals. My arms, though, are more visible and I like them hairless.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

Didn't shave at all through high school. Mom was adamant about us not shaving. I read her copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves, but there was no advice in there about how to deal with the hell of being a girl who doesn't shave in a rural high school. (I have fairly light arm and leg hair, so it's not like you could tell unless you were close up.)

Finally in university, shortly after I got my ears pierced, I decided to rebel. Having read YM for several years, I was under the impression that shaving was a horrible experience, fraught with blood and burn, so I opted for a depilatory. Two hours later, the dorm smelled like chemical warfare, and I was exhausted.

Now I realize how right my mom was - the people who matter don't care about your body hair. But to a high-school girl, it's like a death sentence, unless you are one of the fortunate ones who are strong enough to stand up for, and make fun of, themselves.


You guys are SO LUCKY because I have no less than THREE of these stories (I am not a lycanthrope).

When I was maybe 11 or so, around the time I started shaving my legs, I randomly decided to shave my arms. I was laying on the couch, when my mom came in and stared at my arms. She DEMANDED to know if I had shaved them. I kind of half-denied it, half babbled in confusion. She then yelled, "YOU CAN NOT BE HAIRLESS!"

A few months later I became obsessed with the rapidly darkening hair above my lip. My mom told me to ignore it. "Fat chance, Mom," I thought. "I'll show you who cannot be hairless!"

The DAY AFTER I shaved it off, I was outside in gym, playing "stand in the middle of the field and kick dirt," and a boy who teased me came marching up with about fifteen girls behind him. "SHE has a moustache! See!" he pointed, as the girls crowded around. "I don't see anything," one girl remarked. He shoved his face into mine and examined closely, "Where did it go?!"

Me: "I don't know what you're talking about."

A year or so later my family was at the beach on vacation, and my mom took me to a salon to have my legs waxed, for lady bonding(???). My mom tauntingly told the woman at the salon, "She shaves her upper thighs, isn't that strange?"

"I shave my upper thighs. A lot of women do."

Seriously though, why can't I shave my upper lip? My college roommates bleached theirs, I just shave it off. LIKE A MAN.


I worry about shaving facial hair, because I am convinced it will grow back thicker and coarser?


That has not been the case for me thus far, I will keep you apprised.

@cherrispryte I'm a pale, brown haired Polish-Italian chick, and my facial hair never grows in darker or thicker or coarser than it already is. The reason for the "hair will be thicker and darker" myth is that shaving, unlike plucking, only cuts the hair, so the little bit that grows back isn't the beginning of a new hair, it's just the stumpy, trimmed end of one that had already been growing. It also hasn't seen the sun, so it's dark. But seriously, it would make no sense for a trimmed bit of hair to suddenly have different qualities all together.

Ladies, a question. My family is nice peasant stock from eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, so Jesus Christ I am a hairy beast. Throw PCOS in there, and I go through bags of disposable razors like candy. (BTW, the plain navy blue man razors are far superior to those pink daisy things...)

I shave my upper lip. I also run a razor over my jawline because I get these thick, nasty, curly dark hairs there. For serious.


I used to shave my face as well, occasionally I even dry shave around my jawline with no visible irritation. I have even tried electrolysis, as they told me I was the perfect candidate (fair skin, dark hair) but after 4 treatments and seeing no results I went back to plucking. I also shave my arms, have been doing it since about 8th grade? The hair on my arms is much finer than that on my legs and other areas of my body, and it grows slowly so I can get away with once every week or so.
You name it, I've got hair there- tops of big toe, nipples, happy trail, between my chesticles. My lady bush has spreads to the my upper thighs. All of this results in my tub looking like a furry mammal the night before I wear a swimsuit.
DEATH TO CAR MIRRORS! I can never see as many little black friends poking through as I can in a sunlit auto.


Haha - when I was in middle school I refused to shave my upper thighs because Rose on the Golden Girls said that only loose women did that. Damn you Betty White! Of course I now shave them and am in fact kind of loose so maybe she was right after all?


Oh, the whole correlation/causation thing. Regardless, call me.



They must be plucked, not shaved. But I hate them more than any other hair ever.


I have had them since I was 16. I invested in expensive tweezers right away ($30! Very costly for a 16-year-old on a $5/week allowance! Who's mother wouldn't let her get a job for fear it would ruin her GPA!) and they are the best thing I have ever bought, ever. I'd really like to get the hairs lasered off, honestly, but I'm twice as old and still in school, and things like rent and groceries consume my lasering budget. So I'll just keep using those tweezers till I finally get a real job.

But I totally run my fingers over the stubbly bits, like, compulsively.


@thefingersofgod I compulsively run my hands over the stubbly bits too! I am convinced that my skin always feels like a 5'oclock shadow - I have begged my friends and lovers for their input but they always act like I'm crazy, which is good I guess?


What if you have more than a few random long chin hairs and you DON'T pluck them or shave them? Like I'm talking 3-4 inches long in a small patch. And it's not me, it's just this one chick I know!!!


And you're not constantly consumed by running your fingers over said patch until you are unable to do anything else? Because seriously (and, okay, I have enough that it's wisest to just go get my chin waxed, which, eww) for the week or two before I get them waxed off, I am majorly distracted.

I would suggest waxing.


Any girl who has ever busted her chin open on a swing set, swimming pool ladder, etc. has a scar whose sole purpose is to propagate stiff dark hairs.


YES. Bit into my bottom lip falling off my bike, now I have a tiny scar, but not so tiny it doesn't do that.

Katie Walsh

OH SO THAT'S WHAT IT IS. My poor chin was busted open not once but twice in childhood. Both in bathtub incidents. Explains a lot!

Bonnie Downing

Last year two women I know told me separately that they shave their faces DAILY, in the shower. I was stunned and told them both there had to be a better option, but they pointed out that shaving is also great for exfoliation. And I think there was some other reason they felt like shaving was a good option. Cheapness?


Ok, it's bad that I know this and maybe I should be over at gawker (yipes!) but Caroline Manzo admitted to shaving her face every day for exfoliation on Real Housewives of New Jersey. And I've been wanting to try it ever since, but am too scared.


Ugh, no, homemade sugaring gel is the best for cheapness! (http://hairremoval.about.com/od/sugarwaxing/ss/sugar-gel.htm)


@Bonnie Downing maybe not cheapness? maybe that it's too noticeable/embarrassing to let grow out for waxing, and too sensitive for depilatory? I mean, just saying, not from daily personal experience or anything.


I shaved my tongue once when I was about 5. My mom had left the razor out. I vaguely remember tons of blood.

Edith Zimmerman



yeah, I guess I didn't like my tastebuds? maybe I tasted something really gross?
But now that I think about it I'm not sure I've fact checked this story with my mom. So there's a chance it was all a dream. but it's a weird dream for a child to have.


Urg so once in third grade my mom was waxing her mustache while I was taking a shower (one bathroom apartment) and she left her wax out and I scooped out a big glob with one of the tongue depressors my mom used to apply it and stuck it in the approximate middle of my face, sorta kinda almost in between my eyebrows, and then I yanked it off and it was the most satisfying feeling I ever had until I discovered masturbation (a year later) and then I looked in the mirror and saw I had taken off half my eyebrow and I cried a lot and told my mom. And now one of my eyebrows has hair growing in weird directions and it gives my face Character, okay?


now I feel like a weirdo for never having shaved my arms...


For about 4 months when I was about 9, 10? i don't know. anyyyways, young enough that I would be ashamed about using a razor considering it would remind everyone that I had hair on my body, I would shave my arm hair into what was essentially a long perfect rectangle of hair. I was mortified when one day someone noticed how odd it looked and probably had a mini panic attack and never did it again. Also I am super bad at tweezing my eyebrows and people would mention that my eyebrows where different sizes (the people who did mention it did it so casually, as though it was just natural and not my fault) and just gave up on it entirely a year ago.


I developed a "problematic" bikini area at around 14. That year I was invited to an end of the year swimming party, with boys, and bought a new swimsuit, so I shaved the hairy/exposed parts! The next day I had terrible razor burn and hundreds of those follicle-area zits, and my jeans and underwear rubbed against them making it all even more painful and I swore I'd never to wear a swimsuit again rather than deal with that kind of trauma.

Mom never told me about bikini waxes, which in theory would have helped. But I get the painful zitty things when I wax, too, and what's less sexy than a hairy pubic area? A pubic area covered in inflamed zits!

Now, on the rare occasion that I want to go out in public in a swimsuit, (or wear sexy panties), I commit myself to three hours of plucking those suckers out one by one, followed by the liberal application of Neosporin. Once they're gone, I can shave (as long as I use the Neosporin immediately after, and several times a day) and not get the bumps. But it's a pain in the ass and I just don't care that much, honestly. Only one boy has ever made any sort of comment about my untamed lady-garden, and he was so weird about hair that he shaved his on scrotum. True story!

no way

ha! the first guy i ever had sex with shaved everything. he was a waiter, and 26 to my 17. but he was super chill and cool. i remember we were making out and i had stubbly hair on my legs and he said, you need to either shave regularly or not at all. it was a revelation to me that you could NOT shave. a few months into college i stopped shaving. it's been 15 hairy years, and the many folks i've been with think it's sexy (yeah, i know it's not for everyone).

Roberta Wilkinson

Have you tried Magic Shave cream? It's a depilatory made for black men who have problems with beard bumps, but it works great for my bikini area that goes all bumpy from anything else.

@no way I'm dating a lady who doesn't shave her legs. Sexiest EVER. I have no idea why I'm such a huge fan, but I am... soft, nice, kind of fuzzy legs are fabulous. Queer kid love is awesome, so are hairy legs.

(says the chick who just shaved everything)


Maybe Edith's AmLactin (though I originally thought the bottle said ARM-Lactin, which would be more fitting) would help? Because I agree, the bumps are a major pain in the junk.

Mary Miller

I wasn't allowed to shave my legs until 7th or 8th grade, which is so harsh, right? Thanks mom! It didn't help that my name is Mary and people called me "Hairy Mary" a few times, omg. Anyways but before I was allowed to shave, one time I snuck and shaved a strip on one of my calves, just to see what it felt like. I remember it was really smooth and I'd sit there secretly feeling it during class. "Wow. Wow." Also then after shaving for like 1 year I took back the title Hairy Mary by becoming a young Deadhead and not shaving at all for 2 years. Ah, youth.

Christina Tina

in 8th grade i dropped out of the special accelerated "we can go at our own pace solving puzzles" nerd class , became a fan of too short and AMG, wore FILA high tops,.... and shaved a clip out of my right eyebrow that has never grown back.

Queen of Pickles

I have a friend with a few pubic-ish hairs on her areola(e? areolas?). One day she was changing her shirt and I was confused the first time I saw them through the fabric of her bra. I thought something had got caught in the bra and pointed them out before I knew what they were. I was afraid she'd be horribly embarrassed, but she totally didn't care. Which is why she's cool.

I remember when I was thirteen and realized I had a unibrow, and was filled with shame. I asked my mom for a tweezer. My dad was filled with horror.
"Thick eyebrows look good!" he said. "You don't want to get rid of your eyebrows!"
"Thick eyebrows are fine, I just want TWO of them!" I said.
He didn't even notice afterwards. I think he was afraid I'd tweeze them off entirely and have to draw them on with eyeliner.

Now I go to a threading parlor. Totally worth it. IDEK about the whole "bikini area" thing. Am pretending I am Eve in that regard.


Just reminded of my sister's college friend, who for awhile was getting her bikini waxing done at Sears. This sent my sister in fits of laughter, because she always envisioned that the services were performed on a hydraulic lift in the Sears Tire Center.


Arm hair is the one type of body hair you can bleach and it's totally fine. Moustaches just look like little blonde moustaches, but if you bleach armhair it becomes essentially invisible and never stubbly.

Babe McChickley

Well Dang if I am ever late to this party, but I HAVE THE ANSWER to armhair woes, and I feel compelled to share. I'm a bit of a hairy broad myself, not Sasquatch Hairy, but hairy enough to remove some of it hairy.
The solution I have discovered and used for years, to great success is…(drum roll please) MASKING TAPE! I'm dead serious. It removes the big hairy hairs, yet leaves behind the soft downy hairs. And since you're rippin them suckers out by the root, the new growth isn't blunt like from shaving. Here's what ya do: Get a roll of (2-inch wide) masking tape and turn on your favorite TV program. Peel off a 6-inch length or so, and lay it down following the direction of the hair, wrapping it around your arm (not til the tape meets though) pat it on down then then RIIIIP. Repeat working from the wrist up until the point at which your arms aren't beastly. I only do this about every-other month or so, and it keeps me from having man-arms. It's also RIDICULOUSLY CHEAPO. Like, under a buck per removal session. No wax in the world is that cheap. No, it does not give me a rash, or bumps or have any unpleasant side effects. The added bonus is when you peel it off and get the "ewwww" factor of all your hair stuck to the tape. Combined with my table sugar/olive oil homemade exfoliant and I am one smooth-ass, frugal, PWT beauty regime havin lady. I also color my own hair and maintian my own toes, WHY am I still single!?!? LOL, anyway, I hope even 1 person reads, tries, and enjoys this arm-hair removal method. Peace.


I am more of an epilator person, but I'm as sure as shit going to try the masking tape thing.


I never shaved my arms. But I was raised by hippies, so when I decided to fit in at school I was going to have to shave my legs and underarms, mom wouldn't hear it. She wouldn't let me wear a bra either.

So what I did, is I snuck my brother's razor down to the creek out back. I had NO idea what I was doing. I shaved with just water, in a cold creek. I didn't hack off any slices of skin, per se, but I did shave most of my goose bumps. I was miserable for a week. I finally figured out I had to use some kind of soap, so I'd sneak back to the creek and use shampoo. Mom and dad would ask why I went to the creek so much, and especially before events like going swimming with friends.

Yep, thanks mom.


after my second year of uni, i lived in ghana for 4 months in a small village in the north. i lived with a family of all women - but part of our house was a guest house, so sometimes tractor/water pump mechanics also stayed there..

*everyone* shaved their armpits. it was a hygiene thing (according to them) and considered clean and appropriate. i of course, didn't. because i was in a small village with no running water and shaving *anything* (or using conditioner..for that matter) meant i needed to bring back 2 extra buckets of water from the pump.. 1 km away.

one week, i was going to the city for a meeting with a whole bunch of volunteers from my NGO. i decided to splurge on water that day and shave my legs/use conditioner... when i walked into the courtyard that morning everyone started laughing SO HARD.
they kept calling me "beyonce" (WTF) and asking why "all white people" shave their legs - was it for my 'boyfriend'? do we have 'strange sweating' that happens on our legs?? also, if i went to all this trouble, did i at least shave my armpits (no..)

awesome. also our toddler kept coming up to me all day and touching my leg, and then erupting into giggles.


I used to shave my arms... actually pretty much everything but my eyebrows and eyelashes (NEVER will do), even my head. I figure it's only off-limits if it feels uncomfortable.

Blessed Be


Consider yourselves lucky. I have what I call "devil hair." Let me explain. I have hair everywhere and it's simply not fair. I shave the tops of my hands and fingers and toes. But that doesn't explain devil hair. My devil hair is my arm pits and legs. If I shave either, I have stubble directly after. They are never, ever completely smooth. On my legs, you can also SEE the roots of my hairs through my skin! (I am pale with dark hair) and it is so embarrassing!! I pull out my armpit hair using an epilator, but if I wax or pull out my leg hair, i get major ingrown hairs and bumps everywhere. It's terrible, I don't know what to do! I also seriously CAN'T shave my pubics. If I do, i get ingrown hairs and bumps and not to mention stubble very quickly, and if I shave, I can only shave like once a week. Once I shaved two days in a row, and that resulted in me bleeding everywhere-that's how bad it gets.

I have been with guys but honestly if I have hair down there I always stop them before they get too far because I always think they will be grossed out by hair, I mean, I would!!


Consider yourselves lucky. I have what I call "devil hair." Let me explain. I have hair everywhere and it's simply not fair. I shave the tops of my hands and fingers and toes. But that doesn't explain devil hair. My devil hair is my arm pits and legs. If I shave either, I have stubble directly after. They are never, ever completely smooth. On my legs, you can also SEE the roots of my hairs through my skin! (I am pale with dark hair) and it is so embarrassing!! I pull out my armpit hair using an epilator, but if I wax or pull out my leg hair, i get major ingrown hairs and bumps everywhere. It's terrible, I don't know what to do! I also seriously CAN'T shave my pubics. If I do, i get ingrown hairs and bumps and not to mention stubble very quickly, and if I shave, I can only shave like once a week. Once I shaved two days in a row, and that resulted in me bleeding everywhere-that's how bad it gets.

I have been with guys but honestly if I have hair down there I always stop them before they get too far because I always think they will be grossed out by hair, I mean, I would!!


so,i am grossed out by 'hair down there' too but it doesn't seem to care!! i know waxing is great and all, but its expensive and only does the job for a few weeks! that is annoying.

should i keep caring? is it SO disgusting it has to go? this predicament is dumb...


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