Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Julian Assange May Have Messed With the Wrong Women

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London today on two separate allegations of rape, and according to British reports one of the women making the charges is a "radical feminist." Assange was just denied bail and will be put in custody until a hearing to decide whether he should be extradited to Sweden, where the alleged incidents took place. At Slate, Jessica Grose looks at the complicated legal process that might arise from the women's allegations, which don't suggest violence, but do claim that consensual encounters with Assange "became nonconsensual at some point."

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Mike Barthel

My general hope for the outcome of this whole horrible process is that we have a good long discussion about how libertarians are terrifyingly sexist.


But some of their best heroes are a woman! A book writin' one!

Mike Barthel

If I started a punk band I would call it "Ayn Rand's Psychosexual Issues."



Also: be not conflating libertarians and Objectivists. Even the peeps at Cato think the Randians are creepy assholes.


I would very much like to lurk that discussion.


Maybe this makes me a "radical feminist" but if something stops being consensual, it's never consensual; if I allow the TV guy into my house (consent) but then he starts to stab me, and I say no (obviously, stop stabbing me please), this scenario is not any more consensual than if he walked in without asking. Both equally bad.

Liz Colville

Yes! Certain media outlets seem to be downplaying the charges, which is despicable. Yes, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but...


I just read that after this post. Very, very clearly from a male perspective, but interesting nonetheless.

Jim Demintia

This is very true, assuming that he is guilty. However, it seems like maybe a good idea to reserve judgment right now, given the fact that at least one of the women accusing him of this has demonstrable connections with the CIA, and it's abundantly clear that the U.S. State is orchestrating a concerted push against Wikileaks at the moment. Just sayin'.


Needs a better analogy. Say, you agree to ride in my sports car, we are driving along at 70 MPH, you ask me to stop. From the moment you say "Stop," I must assent to your change of plans and pull over as soon as safely possible. Otherwise (if I ignore you and just keep driving) the ride becomes an abduction.

Then I ask you why I'm always the one doing the driving and you commence the stabbing!

Liz Colville



If the accusations are true, he's a bad person. If the accusations are true I will also eat my hat.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Excuse me? "Demonstrable connections"? Your standard of proof is, like, basically nonexistent.


I think it is hard to ignore that all this is coming at the same time that Wikileaks itself is under attack. On the other hand he *is* a meglomaniac...

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