Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Enraged Ladybug Unable to Find the Sprinkle She Keeps Her Purse In

"Oh my goddd where did I put it, under this? Ugh, shit, no, under this?! God, why am I such a moron. OK it must be in — god DAMN it, I need to write this down. Let this be a lesson, I guess, or whatever. OK, yes, duh, there it is, I know that's the — shit!! Where the hell is my PURSE?! I have places to BE! People to bite, shirts to crawl down. Let's DO THIS, come on, come on, come on."

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Just wanted to say that finding this blog and especially your posts have increased the hilarity of my internet. So thanks.

Edith Zimmerman

Aw, thank you, Sonia!! I really appreciate you commenting.


this is like something from a miyazaki film. while I don't like any kind of bug, lady or not, this is sort of endearing.


I would like for the sprinkles ladybug and waterbottle cat to get together and nap adorably together, please, with photos. Can The Hairpin make my dream so?


Aaah! Is this for real? I am imagining the voice of this ladybug is deep and manly, like in A Bug's Life. (Can ladybugs really also be gents? Or are they like calico cats, alllllll girls?)

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