Friday, November 19, 2010


Women With Girly Names Have More Sex?

According to a French study — although in France all the names are pretty anyway — women whose names end in "-a" (Lauras and Lolas in particular) have more sexual partners over the course of their lifetimes than women whose names don't (for instance, Thérèses and Martines). Meanwhile, an extremely recent and informal American study concludes that women whose names end in "-th" are more likely to run a blog all day.


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krugmanic depressive

So there's you, and Colville, and Gwyneth, and formerly Spiers...hypothesis tested and confirmed.


I still suspect Jason Chen of being the Queen of England.


Graph of female bloggers' names, # of sexual partners, stat!

Also, on the guy side, Balk or Choire?


Is Sarah with an 'h' a sexy girly name? Or only if it ends with an 'a'?

Hero of the Beach

Only if it ends with "a". Saraha is a much sexier name.


Oscar was Wilde but Laura Ingram was Wilder


i beg to differ, my name is Danielle, and i am a TOTAL whore!!

Edith Zimmerman

Hahaha. Thumbs up.

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