Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The Boys of Beauty Pageantry

This is more about the general, gender-blind horror of pageantry, but anyway, kryptonite-colored nail polish and makeup to "cover my rashes and boo-boos" are just two of the perks enjoyed by a boy beauty pageant contestant interviewed here. Also, "some boys take the stage mere days after being born." Plus, "I could turn my little boys into girls. These are my girls that I never had." PLUS, "I wanna be...adventurist, and a hunter, and a pharmanist [sic] so I can pay for...pageants."


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Saddest part of the story - GSteph is talking about child beauty pageants (regardless of the gender of the participants)

Liz Colville

I KNOW! GEORGE! What the F. It is bizarre to me that in order to prime yourself for primetime news you have to do ... this.

Katie Walsh

Hello, future sons!

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