Tuesday, November 9, 2010



The BBC challenges you to distinguish fake smiles from real ones in a 20-smile lineup that starts creepy and then gets adorable and then gets a little creepy again. I scored a six, because I am a moron, apparently. Also, hello to person No. 13!

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I got 17 out of 20. Watch the eyes!


17/20. Also the real ones looked like they were reacting to a funny, like a slight recoil or nod.

birah r.

16 of 20 for me.

i work with a woman who is constantly smiling when she's uncomfortable, unhappy, or annoyed. it's like a defense mechanism.

Edith Zimmerman

Maybe I scored so low because I am alone all day.


I too got 17 out of 20! at first I was feeling like maybe I could be a member of tim roth's super lie-detecting squad on that FOX show, but now I know that I am not that special since everyone else got the same score. dreams:crushed


Allow me to lie to you*: your dreams can still be realized.


with 6/20 in my head as the average baseline, i charged to the comments ready to trumpet my 13/20. i now see i harbor no special knack for this. deflating.

George Krzewski

15/20, but why did they ask those questions in the beginning?? about general optimism...

grace ke

10 out of 20. Thought #7 was cute. :)


18/20! I was tempted to think all of them were fake though because I don't trust joy.

Justine Garrett

16/20. I found myself disliking the people who were faking. Maybe I dislike 20% more people than I should?

Jackie MacLeod

whoa, 19/20. Who knew I was so good at spotting fakers?


I got 12 out of 20. I guessed wrong on smiles I thought were fake that were actually genuine. I'm a cynic!


I got an 18/20. I knew I was wrong when I said that one of the guys' smile was genuine. but that's cool. If I ever see those people on the street, I'll know if they're actually smiling.

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