Thursday, November 11, 2010


Is Jessica Simpson's Christmas Song a Joke?

It's called "My Only Wish" [...for Christmas Is You]. Can you guess exactly what it sounds like with the exact same tune and basically the exact same lyrics with just a few words switched? "We put it together pretty quickly," Jessica explains. Indeed. "Quickly" here being what? Eight, nine seconds? Plz hold as I record "Over There in a Manger," "Two Other Kings and I," "Cool King Wenceslas," "Noel No. 1," etc. etc. etc. I'm going to be a famous musician! 

(It gets started at 2:40.)


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Katie Walsh

Hormonal Mimi smack-down in 5..4..3..

Jolie Kerr

I still have PTSD from Jessica & Ashlee's rendering of "Little Drummer Boy" back in aught-four. Don't know that I'm ready for this....


Well, we can only blame her since she says this is the first time she had total control of an album. Ooops!


Yep. It's even got the jaunty little drum beats between the verses.


i really wish people would stop letting her sing.

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