Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here Comes Breakup Season

Designer/writer David McCandless combed through 10,000 Facebook status updates looking for breakup trends, then packaged the data into this tidy green graph — a summation of which comes courtesy Mathias Mikkelsen:

-A big peak right before Spring Break
-Most breakups are announced on Mondays
-People like to start the summer being single
-A big peak right before Christmas
-The lowest day throughout the whole year is Christmas Day

A reverse graph showing engagements would also be interesting. Internet, do you have one of those? (It should also be noted that this graph doesn't take into consideration the calm people who keep their relationships private and thus never have to go through the public spectacle of posting a heart/broken heart. And who are generally out of college/not quite so cut to the core by spring break.)

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Patrick M

Could David McCandless write his methodology with a wax pancil on a window so we know it's legit?

Edith Zimmerman

Haha. David, r u listening?


Two weeks before Christmas = ouch.


Two weeks before Christmas is the acceptable cut-off time to not have to owe the person you dump a Christmas gift. A penny saved is a penny earned.

David Cho

How have you not already gotten a gift for your girlfriend 2 weeks before Christmas? Shouldn't this have already happened by that point?


Not if you're my ex-boyfriend and you need a new XBox.


Wow, how can you afford not to break up?


Um, I think I feel a new arm-band tattoo coming on...

gabe liedman

i had a breakup on new year's last year, so now i see how truly special i am! thanks the hairpin!

Matthew Harris

Maybe the April Fool's peak is a bunch of people *pretending* to break up on that day. If so - yo, that is messed.


Hm this chart actually correlates to roughly every breakup I've had! Of course, about 6 of them were with the same Prince Charming who broke up with me the day before Valentine's Day, the week before my birthday, the day before we left for a family vacation with 20 of my relatives and Christmas Eve. Ah young love!


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