Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Charitable Website Preys on Nerds' Weakness

In honor of Thanksgiving, the only day of the whole year when Americans eat any more than they should, head over to Free Rice, the excellent web standby that donates food to hungry kids depending on how long you play their cruelly addicting synonym game. I got 110 questions in a row right, which must be a world record, and anyone who says they got more than that is lying.

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I also got 110, which means nary a one in this comment thread will be engaging in conjugal rites in the near future.


I was really angling for more than 110, but got caught up when the 110th was "chamfron". Horse's head armor is not a thing with which I was familiar!


I forgot all about this site, thanks for the reminder! My bosses thank you too. Oh no wait. My bosses hate you now. (personal best = 120. Woot!)

Edith Zimmerman

I think you can see yourself out?

Patrick M

Incorrect! acequia = irrigation ditch


Man, I love that website. I'm wasting time, but I feel less bad because it's for a good cause! (Also, 124. Ahem.)


If you get to level 54 or so you might get

moider means:
embroidered collar
wavy fabric
work hard

WHAT. FreeRice hates hipsters!


I had forgotten about this- I used to be obsessed. I once got 145, but I'm pretty sure I cheated somehow?


124, first try. Brenda, it is ON.

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