Tuesday, November 16, 2010


11 Ridiculous Things to Do With Your Boobs

Thank you, The Frisky, for putting together this hilarious list of things guys want us to do with our boobs. I say hilarious because we all know, of course, that what drives guys REALLY WILD is for our boobs to stay firmly entrenched deep inside in our hideous flesh-colored bras that we spent so incredibly much money on at that famous Bra Store and that don't even fit correctly anymore.

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Oof number 8! "But if you’re not trying to make a baby, it’s a fun way to get him to pull out and go out with a bang!"
- Appropriating the pull-out as an acceptable form of birth control, oh no!
-"get him?"


The pearl necklace photo was a bit much also...


9. Nature’s Pockets: Hide a surprise he’d like in your tits, perhaps a sexy note with an even sexier suggestion written on it.

Bullshit, I want a whole turkey leg hidden under one of 'em. And a ramikin of gravy concealed under the other.


What about this slightly damp $20 and a spare tampon?


This should be an item on some kind of "Are you a a Woman" Turing test. You pass cherri, because there is no way you are not a woman with an answer like that. Also, it made me pee on the floor, but just a little bit.

little dead riding hood

omg, HelloTitty! "Are you a Woman" Turing test!!!!!!!


I cannot dislike any article which begins; "Boobs, what are they good for?"


"Cup Dip: Climb on top of his lap and lean forward into his face. It’s distracting. It’s a great tease to do..."
guy 1 'Hey, Yesterday Hillary put her tits in my face!'
guy 2 'yeah she did that to me too...was she sitting in your lap when she did it too?'
guy 1 "yeah!'
together 'she is such a tease!"


So I found myself at the Myth section on the MyIntimacy page, and it was horrifying. Don't stand up or walk around, basically, unless you don't mind irrevocably destroying your boob elasticity. Also, women can position their nipples into the seams of bras? Flat-chested people had no idea!


Survival of the tittiest? Did you post this link just to remind us how lucky we are to have the Hairpin?


what a useless article. i'm glad i don't read The Frisky. do they also tell me i need to lose weight and how to give better blow jobs? where is the 12 Things to Do with Your Wang to Drive Her Wild article? THAT i would read.


@momjeans I am vacillating between my desire to see that as an actual article because I would laugh until I died, and my anger at the fact that it seems hilarious and non-publishable while this one gets rewritten several times a year in women's magazines.

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