Thursday, October 21, 2010


What Junk Can You Leave at a Dude's?

Heck if I know, but Cosmopolitan has some really sage tips on what items you can keep in Your Man's medicine cabinet and what items He must never, ever under any circumstances know that you use. Not that you personally are likely to make any of these mistakes. Because you don't have sensitive teeth. You have veneers! You can't feel a thing up in there. And the hair on your body is translucent.

1) Leave at Home

• Beauty tools like eyelash curlers — he'll see your face as a construction site.
• Hair spray. To him, it smells like toxic waste and leaves film on the mirror, floor, wall, etc.
• Tweezers, Nair, and wax strips. He doesn’t need to know about all of your hair issues.
• Your whitening trays or grandma-esque toothpaste for “sensitive teeth.” Ick.

2) Keep at His Place.

• A few girlie basics, like tinted lip balm and blush, to spark his imagination.
• A couple of fun, bright-colored hair ties. He’ll think Ponytails? Sexy!
• A sleek, high-tech feminine razor that will make him picture your silky legs.
• A toothbrush. It’s symbolic that your relationship is moving along.

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sorry your heinous

All that junk inside your trunk

sorry your heinous

No, seriously, feel free to leave your: sneakers, hangers, scratched up cds, old textbooks, jumper cable, yoga mat, variously filled water bottles, portable cd player and or walkman...

TheMissing Scarf

Personally I feel you should take everything Cosmo says and do the opposite.


This is presupposing that you'll see this guy more than once. A Cosmo reader though... I don't know.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Wait, but aren't guys supposed to have "hair issues" now too?

Liz Colville

And aren't they supposed to be sensitive now? At the very least in the tooth area?


Odd that it doesn't tell you to leave a copy of Cosmo at his place so he'll realize you're a sexy, sexy well-adjusted sexy ladywoman who is willing to "go there" with regard to scrunchies and his junk.


Always leave at his: lube, your other crack pipe, used tampons.
Never leave at his: your Bible, a cat, your unemployment Mastercard.

Hero of the Beach

The best thing a Lady can leave at a Dude's place is definitely a Nintendo Wii.

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