Monday, October 25, 2010


Three Drinks All It Takes for Women to Stop 'Caring for Others'

In a small but hilarious new study, middle-aged women at a "garden club" party were asked a series of questions, given bottomless booze, and then asked the same questions again. Here's what we learned:

After three or more drinks, Durand writes, "alcohol may allow a woman to drop any social pretext" about "caring for others" and let her express less concern about maintaining "warm relationships."

Haha. These garden clubs sound like a lot of fun! They are, by the way, "a traditional American social institution — small, frequent get-togethers to exchange gossip and the occasional gardening tip." Tips like "go fuck yourself" and "die," presumably.

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It takes me one glass of wine to not care about others and another to pass out.
I am doing it wrong.


Hope to see more from the 'GARDEN CLUBS' tag in the near future!


See, I tend to care very much about other people after 3 glasses of wine. "Why don't you love me?" etc.

Lane Brown

This is my favorite illustration so far, and that's saying something.

Meredith L.

"When do you start cutting back your hydrangeas, Alice?" "Hahahahahaha! No, really, go fuck yourself with a Brookstone trowl. Where's that Pinot?"


I'm not quite middle-aged yet! It only takes one drink for me to stop pretending to appreciate others' opinions!


Hmm. Did this study take place at every Thanksgiving my family has ever attempted?

Rachael Barksdale@facebook

Three drinks ain't bottomless booze.

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