“Living in tiny homes was much harder than these people realized.”

Perhaps those homes were…TOO tiny.

Some Highlights From #UnfollowAMan

Who will you unfollow?

Recent Shower-Based Grooming Rituals, Ranked

Showering: the definitive ranking.

J Dilla ft. Common and D’Angelo, “So Far To Go”

Repetition is the spice of life.

“Attend to the present, the only part of time that doesn’t require the use of memory.”

I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Five Men Talk About Going Down On Girls

“Eating pussy.”

Do You Know How Your Salary Gets Made?

NSFW: “The Perfect Polo for Every Body Type”

Here are some attractive men wearing shirts that fit them properly.

There’s An App For That (Your Poop)

Everybody poops.

What Happens When the Seas Rise?

Certain Forms Of Intimacy More Disgusting Than Others

Is kissing gross? An investigation.

Destruction Is Imminent, Good Morning

Have you considered our impending demise lately?

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

A delightful week.

How Do You Feel About Your Face?

Let’s talk faces.

Gun “Enthusiasts” So Angry With BuzzFeed Right Now

Real America is very angry with BuzzFeed’s Rachel Zarrell. When will she be punished for this tweet, Real America wants to know?

The Magical Mike Of Oz

“Magic Mike XXL” = “The Wizard of Oz.”

Hottie of the Skies

His trip reports betray a theme, in photo after photo entirely devoid of human companionship: empty lounges, first-class menus, embroidered satin pillows — inanimate totems of a five-star existence.

Addendum to the Proust Questionnaire, Pt. 2

Questions to consider.

Janet Jackson’s Laughter, Ranked

There’s a lot of nuance to be discussed.

Janet Jackson ft. Missy Elliot, “Son of a Gun”

Yes, this post is totally about you.