Gabe Knox, “Data Set”

Gabe Knox, “Data Set”

Where Is Iraq?

“There was no map drawn at San Remo in 1920; the agreement explicitly postponed the determination of the borders. But one thing the European powers did at San Remo was ratify the concept of Iraq and Syria as two states, while Sykes-Picot had divided present-day Iraq and Syria into either three or four states.”

Hillary Clinton’s Secret and Very Mundane Emails

“Loved picture of you+obama on. The. Lawn. Time for. Spring and the resurrection.” —Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Planned Parenthood Presents Summer, Sex & Spirits 2015

We’re sponsoring a fun party and you should go to it!

“A small person in polyester blends”

“A woman on a scooter gets broadsided by an SUV that was speeding up to beat a red light. I’m the first cop on the scene and she dies in my arms. Then my lieutenant, a skidmark of a man, makes me deliver her personal effects to her family because I’m ‘sympathetic and good at talking and shit’ and also because he’s too big of a coward to do it himself.” —a NYC cop tells her stories.

Notable Summer Romances So Far

Young love.

Pretty Unhurtful

Everything is fake that is on the outside of your skin really if you stop to think about it.

Should I Give Father John Misty A Chance?

A conversation.

What Dumb Name Are You Giving Your Dumb Baby?

You have to name your baby something. Or… do you?

How to Wear Shorts (FOR MEN ONLY)

Never ever wear shorts to work unless you are a failed Hollywood executive.

Tori Amos, “Siren”

A song from a formative film.

What If They Made A Movie About A Tiny Little Man

What now, little man? For you are the size of a wee ant, and what box office will come unto you?

You Can Get Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” by Next Week!

Publishing a book takes unnecessary years. This is ostensibly because of supply chains and long-lead press and catalogues and all that jazz, but mostly it’s just a sign of an industry trapped between failing strategies and terrible compromises. But good news!

“The PBS Fight of the Week” in 1974: How Gay Should Marriage Be?

“The PBS Fight of the Week” from 1974 was a debate on gay marriage, with the “con” side performed by an absolute psycho.

Minion-Themed Weddings in the Age of Piketty

Show us where on the capitalism the Minions touched you.

The Best Time My Summer Job Left Me Nearly Incapable Of Feeling

Most issues are resolved by restarting.

The Truth About Potato Salad

Black. White. Native. Potato salad is here to equally murder us all!

The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen

There’s a Donna Karan-sized hole in our hearts.

Teens Only Laughing At 9/11 Until About Labor Day

“The modern 9/11 joke takes aim at the truthers, the conspiracy theorists who ruled the Internet fringe in the early aughts. Constructing the joke is often as simple as fishing a conspiratorial slogan out from the Internet’s past and releasing it on the modern Web. The most popular catchphrase of the moment is ‘jet fuel can’t melt steel beams,’ a riff on the truther mantra that fires sparked by planes couldn’t have burned hot enough to tumble the towers, so government bombs probably helped them out. More than 10 years after the attacks, jokesters co-opted the line, and after an incubation period in weird Twitter, it graduated to teen phenomenon last year and confirmed meme this spring. Now, Sept. 11 conspiracy humor is everywhere.”

Fireworks, Ranked

An educated list.