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Alice Cohen, “Backwards”

The musical version of astral traveling.

Which Witch Is Which?

“Not one but three witches were loose in Salem.”

The 5 Best Songs Of All Time, Part 1

Unbiased and immutable

“Lisa Frank On Lisa Frank”

“I’ve always appealed to the masses because, I felt so lucky to grow up in a beautiful world, and believe just because someone has less money, why should they not be offered the best of the best, as well?”

The Killer Inside My Apartment

As indoor season approaches, resolve not to hate the centipedes.

An Honest and Realistic Cover Letter

As you will see, I have extensive experience writing, editing, and getting distracted by social media as early as 9 a.m. To illustrate, between the previous sentence and this one, I spent five minutes looking through a conversation my friends were having on Twitter and fretting about why I wasn’t included. Sometimes I feel like I was born for the job!

Self-Care & Depression: A Conversation

How do you take care of yourself when you’re depressed?

The Freelance Diet and Exercise Program

An excerpt from Monica Heisey’s new book, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better.”

Tricky, “Christiansands”

Tricky, “Christiansands”

Wes Craven At His Most Depraved

Remembering Wes Craven and Last House on the Left.

We Are Not Your Friends

“And still, as the raucous persistent anthem faded out with the sunset over some anonymous state school, I thought, shit: This whole thing, emotionally, this whole thing in general, is a hundred percent headed downhill.”

“Fuck Good Taste. Let’s Have Some Details.”

Mamie Van Doren’s hot legacy.


It’s floating around in Fashion Internet Heaven now.

Toward A Theory Of Fall Fuckability

I am an inverse pumpkin spice latte, for in autumn, people from all walks of life go crazy to put themselves inside of me.

Canadians, Stay In Canadia

This election is…fun.

“You Wanna Be On Top?”

It was never “America’s Next Top Best Friend.”

Fall Resolutions, Defined

Tell your sister you love her.

The Week Of August 24 – 28


What A Pack of Cigarettes Costs, In Every State

Also, vaping sucks.

Oh COME ON Grimes (We Love U Grimes)

Loving “Oblivion” forever, praying her new album drops tomorrrowwww.