The 20 Writers Mentioned in the Review of Jonathan Franzen’s “Purity” in “The New Republic,” in Order

From Lionel Trilling to Anthony Trollope and not really back again.

No Doubt, “You Can Do It”

No Doubt, “You Can Do It”

Teen ‘Zines

Do teens still read ‘zines?

Worst Former Celebrity Couples, Ranked

Love is nasty.

“The intersection is closed from traffic.”

It’s nightmare day in the universe.

Today In Worst Nightmares Realized

Please never dose me with acid.

Are You An Emotional Murderer?

Kill your feelings, abandon the scene of the crime.

Dear Wendy: Should I Get An American Or A Canadian MFA?

This could be it.

FKA twigs, “Figure 8″

FKA twigs, “Figure 8″

Hazy Memories Of Revolver Magazine #1

“100% trouble.”

Pep Talks On Demand

Press for pep.

What Your Horoscope Says About How Climate Change Will Kill You

Read on to learn the truth of your own mortalities.

10 Hot Looks For Fall

Perfect your style.

An Acne Cream If You Don’t Want To Fuck Around

Pimples are terrible.

Weekend Roundup/Open Thread

Lotta questions and answers this week.

Where The Heck Did This Image Come From?

It shakes me real deep.

11 Ways In Which My Body Has Fallen Apart This Week, Ranked

This heat is really testing me.

Sex, Drugs, and Fiddling Revisited

Honoring Ashley McIsaac, the crazy fiddlin’ mofo whose “Hi How Are You Today” came out 20 years ago.

Some Very Good Advice

A pizzacast.

Hot Man Tired of Being Objectified

Steve Grand is working social media full-steam ahead to further his recording and performing career, as one does now. He is probably also very hungry. And he’s had it with people using his nudies.